Sustainable Eco Monastic Projects Eco Arc Have Worked On

Eco Arc has a keen interest in monastic life generally and in particular the teachings of the Buddha. We have been fortunate to work as architects on a large number of meditation retreats and monastery projects. We endeavour to practice right livelihood by designing for the growth and physical development of Dharma centres spiritual centres and monasteries throughout the United Kingdom.

Eco arc was founded after Andrew had spent extensive periods of time on silent meditation retreats in the UK, India, Nepal, Thailand, and Tibet including leading a pilgrimage over the Nepal Himalayas to Mount Kailas in Tibet. On return to the UK the practice worked for six years as site architects on the Findhorn Foundations Spiritual Community, Ecological Village Project. Andrew has been a live-in resident architect for several monastery projects practicing as a monastic while preparing designs on site.

Low Energy / Eco Monastic Projects Eco Arc have worked on include the following:

    • Harnham Monastery – Abbott’s Residence and Barn Conversions. Northumberland.
    • Chithurst Monastery – New Meditation Hall, Abbott’s Residence & Workshop. Sussex
    • Samye Ling – Crèche- Nursery And Residential Workshop / Family Centre. Scotland.
    • Lam Rim Buddhist Retreat Centre – Conversion Of Coach House To Four Retreat Houses. Wales.
    • Holy Island – Interfaith Lay Persons Retreat Centre. Arran Scotland.
    • Vajraloka – Residential Retreat Centre, New Build & Farmstead Conversions. Wales.
    • Conishead Priory – Residential Buddhist College. Cumbria.
    • Vajrakuta – Residential Dharma Study Centre, Farmstead Conversion. Wales.
    • Harnham Monastery -Lay Persons Retreat Centre. Northumberland.
    • Monastery of St Francis Gorton Manchester Sanctuary Project. Manchester
    • Lam Rim Buddhist Centre – New Residence For David And Geshe Damcho Yonten. Wales.
    • Throssel Hole Abbey Guest House – Lay Persons Retreat Centre. Northumberland.
    • Dharmavastu Residential Dharma Study Centre – Watermill Conversion. Wales.
    • Osho Leela Thorngrove House – Large Meditation Hall Pavilion. Dorset.
    • Hermitage Of The Awakened Heart – Meditation Hall. Wales
    • Chithurst Monastery – New Cloisters & Garden Project. Sussex
    • Wolfolk Friends Quaker Retreat Centre. Yorkshire
    • Monastery of St Francis Gorton Welcome Wing Project. Manchester
    • Amaravati Buddhist Monastery Kuti For Elder Monastics. Hertfordshire

We remain inspired by the wise and compassionate teachings of His Holiness the Dalai Lama,There is a very strong link between the fundamental teachings of Buddhism (‘Dependent Co-origination’, which through meditation opens our perceptions to the interdependence of all life) and deep ecology expressed in form through environmental design. It is perhaps not surprising those groups that wish to practice contemplation in simple natural surroundings commission eco buildings to complement their inner endeavours.

We remain extremely grateful to be able to work so closely with such dedicated and wise meditation practitioners.

‘We have the responsibility, as well as the capability to protect the Earth’s habitats – its animals, plants, insects and even micro- organisms. If they are to be known by future generations, as we have known them, we must act now. Let us all work together to preserve and safe – guard our world.’ Dalai Lama

We have gained a good deal of experience designing and building facilities for Dharma groups with a wide range of specific detail requirements. As community architects our emphasis is on listening to the needs, aspirations and spiritual practices of each particular group. We have great respect for the monastic renunciate life and integrate sacred geometry and geomancy into most of our projects.

Eco monastery projects
Andrew with Buddhist monks