Our Passive House and Eco Architect Team

For each project, including eco house design, sustainable house design, green architecture and passive house design, we create a bespoke professional team from within the staff of Eco Arc, including ecological, Passivhaus and green architects, and from our associate team of collaborators, to service the project from inception through to completion.

Andrew Yeats, principal director of Eco Arc and Certified Passive House Architect

Andrew Yeats BA Hons Dip Arch ARIAS RIBA Chartered Architect & Certified Passivhaus Designer

Andrew is a principal director of Eco Arc and Certified Passive House Architect. He established the practice in 1986 after receiving a first class honours degree and a special commendation in environmental design for his postgraduate diploma from Manchester University. Andrew has always had an enthusiastic commitment to ecological passive house design and was the project architect for the 41 certified passivhaus at Lancaster Cohousing project. Andrew particularly enjoys working collaboratively with clients to design beautiful and healthy buildings built to the highest technical and spatial standards incorporating best practice in passive house design principles within a holistic frame work.

Lucinda Nelson, chartered ecological architect and principal director of Eco Arc

Lucinda Nelson BA Hons B Arch RIBA Chartered Architect

Lucinda is a principal director of Eco Arc and joined the practice in 1991 while working on the Findhorn Eco Village Project. Lucinda is a chartered ecological architect with interest and experience in ‘people centred design’ and community based projects, which have included designing and implementing a range of consultation processes. Lucinda particularly enjoys working in a close partnership with clients to draw out the unforeseen design potential in each project, whether that is a garden room extension to an existing house or a multiple dwelling community-housing scheme.

Vincent Fierkens, in house Passive House detail specialist

Vincent Fierkens BA Hons Senior Architectural Technician

Vincent is a senior architectural technician who has been with Eco Arc for 8 years and is the in house Passive House detail guru delivering highly sustainable range of domestic and community-focused projects. Vincent is a Netherlands born architectural designer. Motivated in particular by an interest in the social dimension of the built environment he studied at the Canterbury School of Architecture. Having worked for a number of mainstream practices in the south east for over a decade Vincent gladly accepted the opportunity in 2008 to join EcoArc in Cumbria. He works closely with Andrew Yeats in delivering Eco Arc’s wonderful and highly sustainable range of passive projects including Lancaster Co-Housing and the numerous Passivhauses that have followed since.

Alan Clarke, Certified Passivhaus Consultant

Alan Clarke: Certified Passivhaus Consultant

Alan is an energy and building services engineer specialising in Passivhaus design, building on long experience of low energy and ecological construction. He works with architects on a range of housing, school and office projects, new build and retrofit. He is also a developer and teacher of the Warm Passivhaus Designer Course. In his guise of building physicist he tends to ignore the traditional services engineers role of designing services for whatever the architect has designed, and instead sees the building itself as the primary provider of thermal comfort, with just a simple heating system to finish the job. Alan has probably worked on more UK Passivhaus projects than anyone else and has worked with Eco Arc on almost all of our previous passivhaus projects.

Nick Grant, Certified Passivhaus Consultant

Nick Grant: Certified Passivhaus Consultant

Nick Grant is the Principal of Elemental Solutions, a sustainable building consultant with a lifelong passion for doing more with less. His interest in closing the performance gap between design and reality led him to the Passivhaus Standard of which he is one of the UK pioneers. Nick also works on building related eco-design including lighting, sanitary ware and composting toilets. He is an active contributor to discussions on sustainable design but is also a practical engineer and self builder. He was a long time Trustee of the AECB and is Technical Director of the Passivhaus Trust. Nick has a fresh approach to sustainable building design, committed to evidence based methods with measurable results, because of this Nick advocates Passivhaus design as he knows it works and will deliver buildings with excellent comfort and genuinely low energy use. Nick provides strategic and pre-planning advice through detail design, site supervision, toolbox talks, commissioning and troubleshooting. Nick in tandem with Alan Clarke has worked with Eco Arc on many our previous passivhaus projects.

Peter Warm,Certified Passivhaus Consultant and UK Passive House Certifier

Peter Warm: Certified Passivhaus Consultant & UK Passive House Certifier

Pete encouraged me to get involved in Passivhaus design having worked with him on several other projects since 1992. Pete’s company WARM runs the Passivhaus training for the AECB. Warm are our Certifier of choice for Passivhaus Projects. An integrated part of Eco Arc’s projects is working with Peter’s environmental services design practice WARM who plays a key role in testing the pre site designs & certifying our Passivhaus designs when complete.

Paul Jenning, Encraft Certified Passivhaus Consultant and Air Tightness Expert.

Paul Jennings Encraft Certified Passivhaus Consultant & Air Tightness Expert.

Paul Jennings of Encraft is the UK’s most experienced airtightness tester, with coming up to 30 years in the field, including most of the UK Passivhaus projects to date. He trains testers, architects and others, as well as reviewing airtight designs to avoid potential problems on site. We have worked with Paul on all our Passivhaus projects and he has been tireless in working with the site team to get the best possible air test result on each project. Kendal Passivhaus with Paul’s due diligence assistance got down to 0.11 ach @ 50Pa at the first preliminary test. Paul is also Treasurer of the AECB and brings a wealth of rounded experience to each project.

David Tasker, Consultant Engineer

David Tasker Consultant Engineer Corbett and Tasker

David studied engineering at Swansea University and architecture at the Bartlett (University College London) before serving his apprenticeship with Anthony Hunt. He has a long, successful career in design led engineering  and has been involved in most building typologies, from large infrastructure projects to bespoke furniture. He has worked as engineering director for a number of central London consultancies most recently Ramboll where he was design director. In June 2013 he formed Corbett and Tasker to pursue personal interests of form, geometry and sustainability. Teaching has always been an important stimulus to his engineering practice and he has taught in many schools of architecture and engineering including the Architectural Association, and more recently the Centre for Alternative Technology and the Royal College of Arts. In 2005 David was awarded the Milne Medal by the Institution of Structural Engineers for excellence in structural engineering

Peter Corbett, Consultant Engineer

Peter Corbett Consultant Engineer Corbett and Tasker

Peter John graduated from Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh with a first class master’s degree in 2005 having received many University awards including the Watt Club Medal for achieving the highest grades in the Civil Engineering Department in 2005. During his student years he was also awarded the Institute of Structural Engineers’ Prize for the “Most Deserving Student in Structural Design” and completed his Masters year at the Czech Technical University in Prague. Since graduating, he has gained a wide range of experience in both large and small projects leading the structural design from scheme stage through to construction. During his time with Gifford LLP and Ramboll Peter has gained expertise in steel and concrete structures, and particularly in timber design. His projects have included a number of high profile and award winning structures, many noted for their innovative use of materials and exemplary environmental standards. He is a chartered member of the Institution of Structural Engineers. Peter is a director and founding member of NGO Tapini eV, which works to improve access to potable water in the East Transkei region of South Africa through a range of practical and educational programmes. A chartered structural engineer has been fortunate enough to have been involved in a variety of sustainability led projects, including a wide variety of timber structures, and was the project engineer for the Eco Arc new Learning Centre at Harlow Carr & Gorton Monastery

David Ellis, Dip Arch- Dip TP Architect Geomancer

David Ellis Dip Arch- Dip TP Architect Geomancer

David trained initially as an Architect and subsequently as a Town Planner. He worked in public and private practice as an architect and later became a full time lecturer in Architecture. As well as teaching, he also devoted his energies to initiating voluntary, environmental and community development projects. All along he felt a strong connection to the spiritual dimension of landscapes and buildings, with a particular interest in sacred geometry. Gradually, through the practice of meditation, dowsing and personal development, he became aware of the intricate patterns of subtle energies in the landscapes and the cities we inhabit, and he also found his vocation as a geomancer. David has worked with Andrew since 1980.

Melanie Thomas, BA Hons Ind Des Designer / Geomancer

Melanie Thomas BA Hons Ind Des Designer / Geomancer

Melanie initially trained as an Industrial Designer, and subsequently set up her own craft pottery as well as teaching a variety of arts, crafts and music, in Further and Adult Education.  Melanie has special abilities that can make a valuable contribution to helping others, and trained in counselling, interpersonal skills, arts therapies and healing.  It became clear that the same healing techniques, including dowsing, could be applied to places as well as people and she found her vocation as a geomancer.  Melanie and David first met in 1986, and finding that their approaches were complimentary, they began practising together as geomancers, building up a reputation as Earthwise Geomantic Consultancy.  They have worked on Eco Arc’s major projects and for a great variety of individuals, communities, businesses and projects, and with architects, surveyors, engineers, landscape architects and artists.  Tel    01457 852372 email: meldaveearthwise@gmail.com

David Fotheringham MRICS, Chartered Quantity Surveyor Turner and Holman

David Fotheringham MRICS Chartered Quantity Surveyor Turner and Holman

Eco Arc has enjoyed a long standing working relationship with David Fotheringham at Turner and Holman and particularly appreciate his understanding of the true cost implications of sustainable passive house design. David has significant experience of projects involving repair and restoration works to a wide variety of listed buildings and ancient monuments on behalf of the National Trust, English Heritage and others, also housing of a variety of types and museum projects on behalf of the National Railway Museum.  Over the years David has also been involved with many nationwide projects involving increased levels of sustainable and passivhaus elements, working with Eco Arc on the 41 certified passive houses at Lancaster Cohousing and many follow on passivhaus projects.

Jon Bushell MRICS, Chartered Quantity Surveyor Bushell Raven

Jon Bushell MRICS Chartered Quantity Surveyor Bushell Raven

Jon joined Bushell Raven Ltd in 2002 as a graduate quantity surveyor.  He was awarded a diploma in surveying in 2006 from the College of Estate Management, and was elected a Professional Member of the RICS in 2007, being made Director in 2009.  Jon is passionate about bringing the traditional skills of the Quantity Surveyor into the 21st century to ensure all Bushell Ravens customers receive an efficient service adding value to every project Bushell Raven our preferred local Cumbrian QS consultants with extensive experience of Eco Build and Passivhaus construction costs

Ed Bushell MRICS, Chartered Quantity Surveyor Bushell Raven

Ed Bushell MRICS Chartered Quantity Surveyor Bushell Raven

Ed joined the Bushell Raven Ltd in 2010 as a graduate quantity surveyor.  He was awarded an MSc in quantity surveying in 2012 from Northumbria University.  Ed was made a Director in 2013.  Ed followed in his father’s and two brother’s footsteps and decided to become a Chartered Surveyor.  He enjoys working on barn conversions, historic buildings and sustainable projects. Bushell Raven our preferred local Cumbrian QS consultants with extensive experience of Eco Build and Passivhaus construction costs

Richard Renier Consultant Engineer

Richard Renier Consultant Engineer

Eco Arc have developed a good working relationship with our local structural engineer Richard Renier who has gained a reputation for delivering prompt, elegant and simple solutions to the structural requirements of our buildings. Richard is a graduate of Sheffield University, and a chartered civil and structural engineer. He has had a long career in engineering consultancy, and has worked in the UK, Guernsey and Afghanistan. Richard now runs his own structural engineering consultancy practice in North Yorkshire specialising in building structures. He has worked with EcoArc on numerous Passivhaus & sustainable projects.

Steve Wade, Renewable Energy Specialist

Steve Wade Renewable Energy Specialist

Steve Wade studied as a Physicist at Queen’s College, Oxford and since 1984 has been owner & Managing Director of ‘Wind & Sun’. He has extensive commercial experience of wind & photovoltaic systems, including engineering, design, installation & application. Wind & Sun design, supply, and install wind & solar electrical systems. The company’s main experience has been with providing power supplies for remote situations, eg. isolated housing, monitoring and telemetry systems, and leisure applications. The company is now working increasingly with planners, architects and builders installing larger systems for properties with a grid electricity supply, as a means for users to generate their own electricity in an environmentally benign way. The company offices, showrooms and workshops have electrical requirements met by stand-alone and grid- connected wind/photovoltaic solar systems. These systems are also used for demonstration and training, together with product or system development, testing and evaluation. We have worked on many sustainable projects with Steve since 1992.

Rod Emberton, Consultant RIBA ARIAS Chartered Architect

Rod Emberton Consultant RIBA ARIAS Chartered Architect

Our colleague Rod Emberton brings two special strengths into our projects. The first is an ability to produce specifications which are fully integrated with our drawings and tender documents, for smooth tendering and construction. The second is his knowledge and experience in working with old buildings, including those with listed status. Rod combines both an interest and experience in existing historic buildings with a wish to work in environmentally sound ways on existing and new buildings. He shares our aim to produce healthy and beautiful buildings and spaces with low environmental impact and low energy use. The same principles apply to the alteration and extension of older and historic buildings; the materials and techniques need to respect the existing structures and also be carefully chosen to be environmentally sound where new elements are introduced.

Stephen Gurney Eden Insulation

Stephen Gurney of Eden Insulation Ltd constructs timber-framed passive house homes and buildings capable of meeting or exceeding the rigorous Passivhaus standard. This specialist eco-building firm fabricates high-quality, pre-insulated, airtight panels in its factory in Appleby, Cumbria, which are crane erected on site, sealed for airtightness and ready for roofing within just a few days. With Eco Arc the experienced Eden Insulation team built the first certified Passivhaus in Cumbria and the second development in Cumbria achieved the second-best result for airtightness ever recorded in the UK at the time. Eden Insulation have worked with Eco Arc on multiple passive house projects and are our preferred Passivhaus timber frame fabricator in the UK. http://edeninsulation.co.uk/