Eco Arc Clients:

As passivhaus, green and ecological architects, we have been very fortunate to work with a wide range of clients and projects including: new build passivhaus, conversion passivhaus, eco house design, sustainable building design, rural, urban and regeneration work. Our work has ranged from housing, commercial, leisure, historic and health buildings within the private, public and voluntary sectors as well as partnerships.

A selection of our clients and projects includes the following:

Trusts & Public Organisations Clients

  • The National Trust: Yorkshire
  • The Royal Horticultural Society: Yorkshire
  • The Youth Hostel Association: Yorkshire
  • Sinfield Nature Conservation Trust: Suffolk
  • Essex Wildlife Trust: Essex.
  • Renewable Heritage Trust: Yorkshire
  • Field Study Council: Buckinghamshire
  • Botton Village Camphill Trust: Yorkshire
  • Society of Friends Quakers: Yorkshire
  • Natural Retreats Eco Build Cabins: Richmond Yorkshire.
  • Middleton in Teesdale Association: Co Durham
  • Field Study Council. Port Talbot Swansea
  • The Youth Hostel Association: Co Durham
  • Waveney District Council: Suffolk
  • Ballater & Crathie Community Council: Deeside Scotland.
  • North York Moors National Park Authority: Yorkshire.
  • Yorkshire Wildlife Trust. Yorkshire.
  • Camphill Trust Elders Cohousing Group: Aberdeen: Scotland
  • Basenthwaite Parish Council: Cumbria
  • Bothel Parish Council: Cumbria
  • Lamplugh Village Hall Committee: Cumbria
  • Brantwood John Ruskin’s Foundation / Trust Cumbria
  • Acorn Farm Community Trust: Liverpool
  • Hatfield The Barn Regeneration Trust: Doncaster
sustainable building design in Cumbria

Brantwood John Ruskin’s Foundation / Trust, Cumbria

Eco Architecture Yorkshire

The Royal Horticultural Society, Yorkshire

Renewable Heritage Trust Yorkshire

Renewable Heritage Trust Yorkshire

The National Trust Yorkshire

The National Trust Yorkshire

Medical Practice Clients

  • Bridge Street Medical Practice: Driffield Yorkshire
  • Market Weighton Medical & Social Care Centre: Market Weighton Yorkshire
  • Millfield Surgery Medical Practice: Easingwold Yorkshire
  • Strensal Medical Centre: York Yorkshire
  • Prestwich Metal Health Hospital: Manchester
  • Salford Metal Care Centre: Manchester
  • MIND Complimentary Health Centre: Manchester.
  • CHANGE Care Facility Martineau Garden Group: Birmingham
  • MIND Craft Workshop for people with special needs: Wakefield. Yorkshire
  • Lothlorian Hall. Metal Care Centre: Scotland
  • Findhorn Complimentary Health Centre: Scotland

Community Group Organisations Clients

  • Findhorn Foundation Eco Village Group Moray Scotland
  • Heeley City Farm Community Group: Sheffield. Yorkshire
  • Friends Of St Nicolas Fields Community Group: York. Yorkshire
  • Soilise Barrels East Cohousing Group: Moray Scotland
  • Metamorphosis Martineau Garden Group: Birmingham
  • Rising Sun Community Group: Newcastle Upon Tyne
  • Clow Beck Community Straw Bale School Project: Darlington Co Durham
  • Lancaster Cohousing Group Community Facilities: Lancaster Lancashire
  • Carshield Social Inclusion / Education Centre: Wetherby Yorkshire
  • Music Port World Music Festival Coordinators. Yorkshire.
  • Auroville Eco Village Community: Tamil Nadu India
  • Growing With Grace Organic Food Coop:  Craven Yorkshire
  • Baildon Link Eco Community Centre: Bradford
  • Halecat Garden Nursery / Education Centre: Witherslack Cumbria
  • Paradise Farm Organics Straw Bale Farm Shop Community Group: Yorkshire.
ecological architecture Driffield

Driffield Medical Primary Care Trust Yorkshire

Findhorn Eco architecture

Findhorn Eco Village Community

passivhaus community architecture

Lancaster Co Housing Passivhaus Community Group

Baildon Link Eco Community Group

Monastic / Eco Spiritual Organisation Clients

    • Harnham Monastery – Abbott’s Residence and Barn Conversions. Northumberland.
    • Chithurst Monastery – New Meditation Hall, Abbott’s Residence & Workshop. Sussex
    • Samye Ling – Crèche- Nursery And Residential Workshop / Family Centre. Scotland.
    • Lam Rim Buddhist Retreat Centre – Conversion Of Coach House To Four Retreat Houses. Wales.
    • Holy Island – Interfaith Lay Persons Retreat Centre. Arran Scotland.
    • Vajraloka – Residential Retreat Centre, New Build & Farmstead Conversions. Wales.
    • Conishead Priory – Residential Buddhist College. Cumbria.
    • Vajrakuta – Residential Dharma Study Centre, Farmstead Conversion. Wales.
    • Harnham Monastery -Lay Persons Retreat Centre. Northumberland.
    • Monastery of St Francis Gorton Manchester Sanctuary Project. Manchester
    • Lam Rim Buddhist Centre – New Residence For David And Geshe Damcho Yonten. Wales.
    • Throssel Hole Abbey Guest House – Lay Persons Zen Retreat Centre. Northumberland.
    • Dharmavastu Residential Dharma Study Centre – Watermill Conversion. Wales.

Monastic / Eco Spiritual Organisation Clients Continued:

  • Hermitage Of The Awakened Heart – Meditation Hall. Wales
  • Osho Leela Thorngrove House – Large Meditation Hall Pavilion. Dorset.
  • Chithurst Monastery – New Cloisters & Garden Project. Sussex
  • Wolfolk Friends Quaker Retreat Centre. Yorkshire
  • Monastery of St Francis Gorton Welcome Wing Project. Manchester
  • Amaravati Buddhist Monastery Kuti For Elder Monastics. Hertfordshire

Social Housing / Community Self Build Organisations Clients

  • Endeavour Housing Association
  • Chantry Housing Association
  • Home Housing Association
  • Projects include:
  • Huddersfield Self Build in West Yorkshire,
  • Grove Hill Self Build Phase 1 & 2 Middlesbrough
  • Maltby Youth Self Build in South Yorkshire,
  • Lincoln Self Build in Lincolnshire,
  • Rotherham Self Build in South Yorkshire,
  • Skelton Self Build in Cleveland,
  • East Leeds Women’s Self Build in North Yorkshire
  • 505 Hostel Self Build in Middlesbrough

Chithurst Monastery English Sangha Trust

Monastery of St Francis Gorton Trust

Witherslack  Community Land Trust Certified Passivhaus

Staveley Passivhaus Lake District National Park

Private Eco / Passivhaus Clients

  • 42No Certified Passivhaus Houses & Community Facilities: Lancaster Co Housing / Lancashire
  • Crosby Ravenworth Certified Passivhaus : Cumbria
  • 2No Community Land Trust Certified Passivhaus Houses: Witherslack Lake District National Park
  • Kendal Certified Passivhaus : Kendal Cumbria
  • Lancaster Certified Passivhaus : Lancashire
  • Hadfield Certified EnerPhit Passivhaus : Manchester
  • Greenknowe Certified Passivhaus : Melrose Scottish Borders
  • Findhorn Certified Passivhaus West Winds: Moray Scotland
  • Storth Certified Passivhaus : Cumbria
  • Hunmanby Certified Passivhaus : East Yorkshire
  • Harrogate Certified Passivhaus : Yorkshire
  • Staveley Passivhaus Lake District National Park
  • 3no Windermere Passivhaus s in Bemire Windermere
  • Little Susacres Passivhaus : Brearton Harrogate Yorkshire
  • Staveley Passivhaus Lake District National Park
  • Boston Spa Passivhaus : Yorkshire
  • Aughton EnerPhit Passivhaus Barn Conversion Lancashire
  • Coulton EnerPhit Passivhaus Eco Barn Conversion
  • Chester Certified Passivhaus : Wales
  • Ranton EnerPhit Certified Passivhaus : Staffordshire
  • Beemire Passivhaus Project: Windermere Cumbria
  • Snainton Passivhaus EnerPHit Barn Conversion
  • Flaxton Eco House towards Passivhaus Standards: York
  • York Love Lane Eco House: Built to Passivhaus Standard
  • Oldstead Eco Cabin Passivhaus North York Moors National Park
  • Asby Appleby Passivhaus EnerPHit Barn Conversion
  • Bassenthwaite Eco House to Passivhaus Standard:  Lakes National Park
  • 5No Eco Houses to Passivhaus Standard : Ruswarp Whitby North Yorkshire
  • Ashlea Passivhaus EnerPHit / House Eco Renovation: Leeds
  • 3 Gables Rainton Towards a Passivhaus : Yorkshire
  • Knaisborough Passivhaus: Yorkshire
  • Old Chapel Kirkham Eco House towards a Passivhaus Standard: Driffield East Yorkshire
  • Harome Eco House towards a Passivhaus Standard: North Yorkshire
  • Eaglesfield Eco House towards a Passivhaus Standard: Cockermounth Cumbria
  • Ringwood Hampshire Eco House towards a Passivhaus Standard Hampshire
  • Holford Passivhaus EnerPHit Barn Conversion West Somerset for Kimberley Gray
  • Pocklington Eco House towards a Passivhaus Standard: Pocklington York
  • Langton Walled Garden 5No Passivhaus Project Yorkshire for Howard-Vyse Family

Private Zero Co2 / Carbon Neutral Eco House Clients

  • Isle of Man Zero Co2 Carbon Neutral Eco House
  • Clifton House Farm Zero Carbon Eco retrofit of existing Farm House.
  • David’s Zero Carbon / Autonomous Eco House: Wales
  • Wormpotts Zero Co2 Carbon Neutral Eco House : Appleby Cumbria
  • Lumsdaine Zero Co2 Carbon Neutral Eco House to Passivhaus Standard
  • Boatcroft River House Zero Carbon Home: Auldgirth Scotland
  • Lanarkshire Carbon Neutral Eco House: Lanarkshire Scotland
  • 6No Zero Co2 Carbon Neutral Eco Houses & Community Facilities: Soillse Moray Scotland

Private Eco House Clients

  • Windermere Eco Retrofit & House Extension in the Lake District National Park
  • Runswick Bay Glen View Eco Houses North York Moors National Park for Eco Arc Architects
  • School House Harton Yorkshire for Eco Arc Architects
  • The Rochester Eco House: Ullapool Scotland
  • Car Bank Eco House: Car Bank Cumbria
  • Eco House at Kilchoan Ardnamuchan: Scottish Highlands
  • Hemmelstones Osmotherley Eco House North York Moors National Park
  • Liverpool Eco House: Liverpool:
  • Wymondham Eco House: Leicestershire
  • Elfhowe Eco Retrofit of Cumbrian Farm House: Staveley Lakes National Park
  • Isle of Mull Eco House: Argyll & Bute Scotland
  • Firth of Forth Eco House (Living Water) Scotland
  • Eco Barn Conversion & House Retrofit: Harrogate Yorkshire
  • Isle of Bara Eco House Outer Hebrides Scotland
  • Two Gates Eco House: Rhos on Sea Wales
  • Iles Cottage Eco House Stroud Gloucester
  • Harrogate Eco Extension & House Retrofit: Harrogate Yorkshire
  • Staveley Eco House: Kentmere Lake District National Park
  • Brindle Eco Extension & House Retrofit: Brindle North Lanc’s
  • Stark Farm Eco House: Tollerton York
  • Windmill Eco Extension & House Retrofit: Tollerton York
  • Easingwold Eco House Retrofit: Easingwold North Yorkshire
  • Oak Bank Mill Eco Extension & House Retrofit: Oak Bank Mill Cumbria
  • Mount Pleasant Eco Renovation & House Extension: North Yorkshire
  • Fife Eco House: Carlingnose Scotland
  • Skelsmergh Hall Eco Barn Conversion: Kendal Cumbria
  • Ilkley Eco House: Yorkshire
  • Oxford Sandfield Eco Refurbishment: Oxfordshire
  • Four Gables Refurbishment Brampton Cumbria
  • Beltingham Refurbishment Brampton Cumbria
  • Hayton Gate Eco House Lanercost Cumbria
  • Littlecroft Eco Renovation: Preston Lancashire
  • Woodlands Eco House Extension & Renovation: Driffield
  • Plot 5 Findhorn Eco House: Moray Scotland
  • Plot 9 Findhorn Eco House: Moray Scotland for Nick & Henrietta Rose
  • Plot 11Findhorn Eco House: Moray Scotland for Mary & George
  • Plot 15 Findhorn Eco House: Moray Scotland
  • Plot 22 Findhorn Eco House: Moray Scotland
  • Bag End Findhorn Eco House: Moray Scotland
  • Findhorn Fellows Eco Barrel House: Moray Scotland
  • Iles Green Cottage Eco House: Stroud Gloucestershire
  • Dutchy Road Eco Extension: Harrogate Yorkshire
  • High Fold Eco House Retrofit: Kentmere Kendal Cumbria for Eco Arc Architects
  • Grange Barn Conversion: Harton Yorkshire for Eco Arc Architects
  • Stark Farm Eco House: North Yorkshire

Crosby Ravenworth Certified Passivhaus  Cumbria

Harton Architects Private Home

Isle of Man Zero Co2 Carbon Neutral Eco House

Wormpotts Zero Co2 Carbon Neutral Eco House