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The First Certified Passive House in Kendal, Cumbria

Little House is a compact 4 bedroom Passivhaus of timber frame construction and the first certified passive house in the South Lakes District Council. It is designed to reflect local Cumbrian farmhouse style with Burlington slate roof and part local stone walls, but has a contemporary feel. To the south, large floor to ceiling sliding doors catch the sun, with shading provided by a brise soleil. On the roof 4kw of solar PV panels provide renewable electricity.
Click here for Kendal Passivhaus Trust Award Entry

This house is the second example of a prototype pre insulated timber frame build method, employed by Eco Arc Architects, Alan Clarke, Eden Insulation and Ecological Building Systems is to deliver the exacting Passive House Standards of Quality Assurance for Certification.

The completed house and an interview with the new owners can be viewed via the video.

The short video shows how the Eco Arc project team erected the structural timber frame of the 4 bedroom Kendal Passive House in one 8 hour day.

This included putting up all the 300mm deep I beam pre insulated cellulose external walls, intermediate floor and roof to create a wind and watertight shell in one day.  A further two days where required to install all the triple glazed windows and doors and install the required air tightness tapes.

This fine-tuned prototype build system is now a tried and tested method, employed by Eco Arc Architects, Eden Insulation and Ecological Building Systems is to deliver the exacting Passive House Standards of Quality Assurance.

The Kendal Passive house as shown in the video achieved an air tightness test result of 0.11 ACH which is the lowest ever recorded figure achieved by Passive House airtightness expert Paul Jennings of Aldus / Encraft.

The video was filmed by Eden Lighthouse & co funded by Eden Insulation and Ecological Building Systems with technical narration information by Andrew Yeats as project Architect:

Eden Insulation had already completed an energy efficient frame utilising a “fabric first “approach on the Community Build site at Crosby Ravensworth built to Passivhaus standard.

Kendal Certified Passive House
Kendal Passive house exterior
Passivhaus standard energy efficient frame .

The specification from Ecoarc employed materials locally sourced from Ecological Building Systems, products with a track record for delivering to the passivhaus standard.

Closed insulated panels were manufactured in Eden Insulation’s Appleby factory comprising:

  • 300 I beam wall stud sheathed externally with 40mm Gutex Multitherm and Fronta Humida membrane.
  • Racked internally with Spano Durelis Vapour Barrier board with 50mm service cavity. All board joints taped with Tescon No 1 in the factory.
  • All panels injected with Warmcell cellulose fibre to over 60Kgm3.

The house comprised only four panels at ground floor and further four panels at first floor. The four metal web joist floor cassettes were supported on an internal bearer to facilitate airtightness. The roof trusses were placed on the first day and sheathed and protected with a membrane on the second day. The ceiling to the underside of the trusses was formed using Spano Durelis Vapour Barrier board with 50mm service cavity.

The great majority of the airtightness taping to the walls had been completed in the factory leaving only the corners and joint between ground floor & first floor panels to complete. The Main Contractor taped the frame to wall plate joint post window & door fitting by Internorm in dry & warm conditions.

The preliminary airtightness test formed part of the Eden Insulation Contract and pleasingly returned a result of 0.11 demonstrating that offsite, crane erected panels can be one route used to achieving the Passivhaus standard and certification.

Racked internally with Spano Durelis Vapour Barrier board
Andrew with the passive house owners
Ecological Building Systems materials